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Hi guys! Are you excited about the updates? We at Talt it are very hyped and we decided to make this huge compilation of information so you don’t fall behind what’s coming to our beloved game!

Warning: This post should be read with the Portuguese flag up there!

Do we have any date for the 4ever update yet?

Yes! It’s coming to the iTos in the 11th February! You can check the official announcement here.

What’s new on 4ever update?

The update will bring episode 12 along with 5 new classes and new level 430 items. In addition, the cap will be increased to level 450, a new Weapon Ornaments system will be introduced, we will have a new type of item called Ark and new fixed ichors that will drop from elite mobs on the new maps. Other minor changes include ichor system adjustments, transmutation, dismantlement, equipment stats transfer, leathers defense, introduction of Sandra Glasses and Ruby Anvils, among others.

What will be the new classes?

We’ll have five new classes: Blossom Blader (Swordsman) Terramancer (Mage) Arbalester (Archer), Crusader (Cleric) and Rangda (Scout).

Blossom Blader

Class specialized in swords and movement. Wears both One Handed Sword and Two Handed Sword. Apparently doesn’t work with Rapiers. Works very well with the Ataka set (see below) due to the use of fake multihits. A very popular build for it on KToS is: Doppel> Barbarian> Blossom Blader or Doppel> Highlander> Blossom.


A wizard who uses the earth element to control and cause damage to his opponents. It is capable of summoning an Earth Golem that causes a lot of damage to enemies. Although it has not received much attention, it has a different gameplay than the other classes. With ichor da Vaivora it becomes a viable class as long as with a good investment.


Complementing the crossbow builds, Arbalester has perhaps the most graphically beautiful skills of the 5 classes. It has been a strong class in PvP, although it has left something missing in PvE.


Probably the most hyped class due to its high percentage of skill damage and versatility. You have two instances that allow you to alternate your skills between healing yourself and your allies or inflicting massive damage on your enemies. Besides, it has a good AoE and burst.




The class with the most interesting concept among the five. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to cause debuffs in enemies and increase their damage based on it. It has skills that allow you to summon a pet to “steal” buffs from enemies for you or turn your target into an old kepa. It is very strong on KToS, both for PvE and PvP.

What’s an Ark? How will this new item work?

Ark is a new item introduced in episode 12 that will bring extra stats to the char. He will have his own slot. In addition, we’ll be able to evolve it into Stages by spending Blessed gems, Tome Pages and Sierra Stones.

You’ll be able to choose an ark by completing the last quest from episode 12.

Stage 1: STR ▲16 (increases per stage)
Stage3: Physical Defense ▲500
Stage 5: Physical Attack ▲700
Stage 1: DEX ▲16 (increases per stage)
Stage 3: Evasion ▲300
Stage 5: Critical Attack ▲1400
Stage 1: INT ▲16 (increases per stage)
Stage 3: Magical Defense ▲500
Stage 5: Magic Attack ▲700
Stage 1: SPR ▲16 (increases per stage)
Stage 3: Healing ▲420, Summon Damage ▲2.1%
Stage 5: Magic Critical Attack ▲1400
Blessed GemsTome PageSierra PowderNucle Powder
Stage 21150016000
Stage 312450054000
Stage 448152000128000
Stage 5100365000254000

What are Weapon Ornaments?

They are accessories that can be equipped by Two-Handed Weapons users in the subweapon slot. They will give both Physical and Magic Attack. In addition it can be transcended, enhanced and equipped with ichors.
To build an weapon ornament for a legend weapon it will require the same amount of fragments as the weapon. For example, in the case of a Varna Two Handed Weapon, 19 Skiaclipse feathers will be needed.

The fixed ichors can be craft with the Unique Raids fragments (Masinios, Wastrel, Asio, Skiaclipse, Moringponia and Misrus).

The enhancement has its bonus halved, which reduces the disparity between a weapon ornament +11 and +16, for example.

CraftTranscendence10 +16
27 Velcoffer Spirit Fragment 1968 Patk/Matk
8 Planiums 2184 Patk/Matk
19 Skiaclipse Feather + 3 Planiums 2184 Patk/Matk
Weapon Ornaments Ichors
STR ▲35
INT ▲35
Critical Rate ▲40
Movement Speed ▲2
Increases Dash movement speed by 2
Spirit Fragment: Masinios x10
Masinios Cube
AoE Attack Ratio ▲1
DEX ▲52
Critical Attack ▲403
Damage to Bleeding targets ▲10%
Spirit Fragment: Wastrel x20
Wastrel Cube
INT ▲52
Casting Time -20%
Spirit Fragment: Asio x20
Asio Cube
STR ▲70
CON ▲33
Quintain Skill Level ▲1
Dethrone Skill Level ▲1
Spirit Fragment: Skiaclipse x50
Skiaclipse Cube
STR ▲50
INT ▲64
SP ▲788
SP Recovery ▲53
Damage with Magic Circles ▲10%
Moringponia Selection Box
STR ▲58
INT ▲58
Block Penetration ▲88
Damage dealt to characters equipped with a Shield ▲15%
Misrus Cube
Spirit Fragments: Misrus x?
STR ▲70
INT ▲70
Accuracy ▲190
Attack against Plant-type Targets ▲496
Attack against Beast-type Targets ▲496
Attack against Devil-type Targets ▲496
Attack against Mutant-type Targets ▲496
Attack against Insect-type Targets ▲496

Any new equipment coming in Episode 12?

Yes, along with all these changes, we have the introduction of new equipment called Vaivora Unique Weapons. Unlike the other unique grade weapons, they won’t drop from dungeons, but from elites mobs. So, to get them you have two options: Challenge modes (Stage 6 and 7) and Elite Mobs on new maps. Furthermore, IMC has increased the difficulty of Challenge Modes by considering them as a group content, as a result it is no longer possible to easily solo them on new maps.

It is worth pointing out that the ichors of these equipments are essential for most classes.

One Handed Sword
STR ▲135
Accuracy ▲480
Provides a 30% chance to gain ▲50% Additional Damage stat when attacking
Two Handed Sword
STR ▲215
Critical Rate ▲735
Critical Attack ▲1720
Blossom Slash Skill Level ▲2
Reduces Blossom Slash cooldown by 10 seconds.
Blossom Slash now damages up to 4 nearby targets.
STR ▲133
DEX ▲140
Block Penetration ▲490
Fencer Skill Levels ▲1
Reduces the cooldown of Sept Etoiles by 5 seconds.
Reduces the cooldown of Fleche by 10 seconds.
STR ▲145
Critical Attack ▲1375
Attack against Leather-armored Targets ▲980
Retiarius Skill Levels ▲1
Upon using the first overheat of Trident Finish, inflict level 7 Throw Rete debuff on your target.
Two Handed Spear
STR ▲222
Critical Rate ▲740
Increases damage against boss monsters by 20% while wearing Dragoon Helmet.
Debuff the boss monster for 5 seconds when debuffing.
Reduces damage taken from debuff targets by 15%
INT ▲200
Critical Rate ▲530
Block Penetration ▲440
Sand Blast Skill Level ▲3
Upon critically striking with Sand Blast, instantly cast Stone Shower with the same skill level you currently have learned.
INT ▲133
SPR ▲148
Critical Rate ▲488
Increases your damage for each skill level in Quick Cast (3% per skill level).
Time Forward applies to 2 more skills on the enemy.
STR ▲198
Maximum Attack ▲1025
Block Penetration ▲744
Snipe Skill Level ▲1
Increases the damage of Snipe based on the difference between your Block Penetration and the opponent’s Block.
(1% increase per 10 stat difference, up to 100% damage)
AoE Attack Ratio ▲3
STR ▲223
Minimum Attack ▲1780
Cannon Shot Skill Level ▲3
Explosion Skill Level ▲3
For 3 seconds after using the following skills, you take 30% less damage.
For 3 seconds after using the following skills, you have knockback and knockdown immunity.
Skills: Cannon Barrage, Cannon Blast, Explosion
AoE Attack Ratio ▲2
DEX ▲146
Critical Rate ▲495
R.I.P. Skill Level ▲3
R.I.P. Overheat ▲1
Applies Freeze Bullet to R.I.P.
Overheat is only returned to you after the skill enters full cooldown, and the skill enters cooldown upon unequipping the weapon.
DEX ▲148
Evasion ▲475
Accuracy ▲430
Luka Skill Level ▲3
Luka inflicts 4 stacks of Keletihan with potency equal to its current skill level.
CON ▲119
Critical Resistance ▲495
Block ▲495
Final Block Rate ▲2%
Grants [Intensive Defense] buffs to 150 range party members around you.
Double block effect for 3 seconds upon successful block
Concentrated defense.
Reduces damage from [Magic] and [Missile] attacks by 10%.
Reduces damage from insect and demon-type enemies by 10%.
SPR ▲148
SP ▲990
SP Recovery ▲490
Mass Heal Skill Level ▲1
When using Mass Heal, its cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each current stack of Heal: Overload, and all stacks are removed.
Two Handed Mace
STR ▲221
INT ▲221
CON ▲175
Crusader Skill Levels ▲1
Reduces the cooldown of Holy Smash by 5 seconds.
Reduces the cooldown of Condemn by 10 seconds.
DEX ▲135
Critical Rate ▲480
Attack against Medium-sized Targets ▲990
Guided Shot Skill Level ▲2
Inflicts a debuff for 5 seconds after hitting with Guided Shot, giving a 20% chance to fire 2 Guided Arrows when using Arbalester skills against those targets.
AoE Attack Ratio ▲3
DEX ▲218
Critical Rate ▲730
Barbed Arrow Skill Level ▲3
Bodkin Point Skill Level ▲3
Barbed Arrow now ignores the target’s armor type and always hits 5 times.

What has changed in the equipment?

The equipment has changed the limit of minimum and maximum stats they can contain. Before, rare grade equipments were simply discarded for not reaching high stats. With the change, all types of equipment will be able to reach the maximum value, but what will vary will be the probability. On the other hand, unique equipment will be more difficult to drop.

Item GradeStat (Min-Max) %
Magic 10 ~ 100%
Rare 40 ~ 100%
Unique 80 ~ 100%
Legend 80 ~ 100%

In addition, the equipment dropped after update will have its maximum possible stats increased. For example, a Two Handed Sword can have up to 224 of CON/STR/DEX/INT/SPR.

Attack by Type Add. Damage Attack Offset Critical Resistance Add. Damage Resistance Stat Stamina Looting Chance Critical Rate and 7 Others Max SP

Armor 530 794 530 265 794 80 19 80 265 530
993 1489 993 497 1489 149 35 149 497 994
497 745 497 249 745 75 18 75 249 498
Two-handed 1489 2233 1489 745 2233 224 53 224 745 1490

What are Sandra Glasses?

Sandra Glasses works like the magnifiers (Artisan and Mysterious) and has the function of rerolling the stats of the items. They will be added in two types. The first, Sandra’s Magnifier, works by rerolling the selected stats. The second one works by rerolling the number of the selected stat, which means it keeps the stats, just rerolls the value.

They can be obtained at Goddess Grace Event roulette by offering silver to the Goddess. The old magnifiers will be Challenge Mode Stage 6 and 7 awards.

How does Ruby Anvil work?

Ruby Anvil can only be used when the equipment has 0 potential. If the enhacement fails, the item will not be destroyed, but will lose 1 refine. If you fail to upgrade an item to +16 or higher, it will reduce to +15.

What will be the changes in the ichors system?

The ichors system will be made easier in Episode 12. The extraction of ichors will have its chance increased and the trasmutation will have its price reduced from 3x to 2x equipment.

What will be the changes in Dismantlement?

By destroying a transcended equipment, you will gain a greater amount of sierra and nucle powder.

What will be the new sets?

The new sets will be built with Misrus Chains and Moringponia Crowns. They can be added in Varna and Savinose equipment.

Misrus Chain is obtained with 10 Misrus Fragment and needs 3 Pamokas and 1 Planium to be craft. The Moringponia Crowns need the same amount of Pamokas and Planiums.

In total, to put the whole Ataka on the set will take 140 Misrus Fragments or 14 Misrus Chain for Two Handed and subweapon players, and 100 Misrus Fragments or 10 Misrus Chains for One Handed players.

Apkrova 3 Set: SPR +35
CON +52
4 Set: Healing +357
5 Set: Grants new active skill. Places a red magic circle on the ground. Increases the Attack of all allies within the circle by 30% and restores HP equal to 0.1% of damage dealt. (Cannot stack. Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown 100 seconds.)
Upon use, also reduces all final damage dealt by the caster by 50% (debuff lasts 100 seconds and cannot be removed).
Dragon Strength Level 1: Increases the Attack bonus to 50%.
Skidas 3 Set: Physical Attack +257
Magic Attack +257
4 Set: ATK vs Medium-sized Targets +571
5 Set: Passive: Defeating enemies grants you a shield equal to 60% of their max HP. (Shield duration 10 seconds, cooldown 17 seconds). Will not activate if any other set skill is on cooldown.
Dragon Strength Level 1: Increases the shield amount to 100% of enemy max HP.
Atgal 3 Set: Physical Defense +1300
4 Set: Magic Defense +1300
5 Set: Grants new active skill. When you are hit by Physical damage, deal damage to the enemy equal to the amount of Defense granted by your shield 4 times. These hits do not trigger bonus on-hit effects. (Masinios Crossbow, Enchant Fire, Frieno Set, etc.) (Buff duration 50 seconds, cooldown 100 seconds.)
Atagal’s damage can no longer trigger Atagal.
Dragon Strength Level 1: Increases the damage to 160% of your shield’s Defense.
Ataka 3 Set: DEX +37
SPR +37
4 Set: Physical Critical Attack +1072
5 Set: Passive: Whenever you deal a critical hit, deals equal damage split between 10 enemies nearby within a range of 60 (cooldown of 1 seconds). Will not activate if any other set skill is on cooldown.
Dragon Strength Level 1: Increases the damage of the effect by 100%.
Proverbs 3 Set: STR +32
INT +32
4 Set: Critical Rate +52
5 Set: Grants new passive skill that is always active. The damage limit is increased to 4,000,000, and if more than 999,999 damage is dealt, additional damage is dealt equal to 20% of that damage. (2 sec cooldown)
Will not activate if any other set skill is on cooldown.
Dragon Strength Level 1: Increases the additional damage to 30%.
Lilith 3 Set: SPR +65
4 Set: SPR +72
5 Set: Grants new active skill. Temporarily applies the Lilith buff to all of your summons. The Lilith buff causes them to deal additional damage with the same exact numerical value of the amount of damage they deal. (Active skill, buff lasts for 30 seconds, cooldown 100 seconds)

What are the new accessories that will come with Update?

Unique Accessories
Pictis Necklace
Level 400
Magic Defense: 305
STR ▲48
DEX ▲48
INT ▲48
Pictis Bracelet
Level 400
Magic Defense: 153
STR ▲36
DEX ▲36
INT ▲36
Cantribe Necklace
Level 400
Magic Defense: 305
CON ▲44
AoE Defense Ratio ▲3
Physical Defense ▲600
Cantribe Bracelet
Level 400
Magic Defense: 153
CON ▲36
AoE Defense Ratio ▲1
Physical Defense ▲200
Chuoda Necklace
Level 400
Magic Defense: 305
CON ▲30
SPR ▲56
Chuoda Bracelet
Level 400
Magic Defense: 153
CON ▲20
SPR ▲40
Legend Accessories
Moringponia Pictis Set

STR ▲50
CON ▲48
Physical Critical Attack ▲1500
STR ▲40
CON ▲28
Physical Critical Attack ▲750
Set Bonus
3+ Pieces: When the transcendence total of all three accessories is at least 30:
Attack against Medium-sized Targets +40 per enhancement on each accessory.
(Up to 2,000 max)
Moringponia Triukas Set

CON ▲48
Critical Rate ▲75
CON ▲28
Critical Rate ▲40
Set Bonus
3+ Pieces: When the transcendence total of all three accessories is at least 30:
Critical Rate +8 per enhancement on each accessory.
(Up to 415 max)
Moringponia Isgarinti Set

CON ▲35
SPR ▲90
Reduces summon damage received by 10%.
Increases summon damage dealt by 10%.
CON ▲20
SPR ▲70
Reduces summon damage received by 5%.
Increases summon damage dealt by 5%.
Set Bonus
3+ Pieces: When the transcendence total of all three accessories is at least 30:
-Reduces damage taken by summons
-Increases damage dealt by summons while Riding
-Increases damage dealt by summons while [Arts] Summoning: Self is active
All increase by +0.6% per enhancement on each accessory.
(Up to 30% max)
Moringponia Kantrybe Set

CON ▲70
AoE Defense Ratio ▲3
Physical Defense ▲750
CON ▲45
AoE Defense Ratio ▲1
Physical Defense ▲250
Set Bonus
3+ Pieces: Increases duration of [Liberate: Fortitude] by +0.4 sec for each AoE Defense Ratio stat you have.
(Up to 6 seconds max)
When the transcendence total of all three accessories is at least 30:
Upon using [Liberate: Fortitude], provides a buff to all party members within 300 range.
Buff: -50% damage received
Buff duration is equal to (Total Enhancement of Accessories)% of [Liberate: Fortitude]’s duration (up to 63% max).
Moringponia Juoda Set
CON ▲38
SPR ▲70
CON ▲27
SPR ▲50
Set Bonus
3+ Pieces: Provides a buff to all allies nearby except yourself for 12 seconds upon using Mass Heal.
-Increases damage dealt by buffed targets by 10%
-Damage bonus increases by 0.3% of caster’s Critical Magic Attack stat
(Increases by up to 20%, 30% max)
When the transcendence total of all three accessories is at least 30:
Provides a buff to yourself for 10 seconds after using Mass Heal.
-Increases Healing by (Total Enhancement of Accessories / 2)% and increases Movement Speed by 10 for 3 seconds.
(Up to 32% increase in Healing max)

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